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SOP Foods At A Glance

Being a part of the SOPB Group of Companies enables SOP Foods to exercise full control over every aspect of its consumer pack brands production. You can be assured of the quality of our products as our certifications can attest to that.

*Above certification is applicable for specific plant and/or product.

SOP Foods believe in reinventing healthy lifestyle of the nation with MERRIS cooking oil.


Our Professional Team

Production Team

SOP Foods is an integrated solutions provider of oils and fats across the entire value chain. Our refinery is located in Bintulu, Sarawak and consist of a production line. The dedicated team ensure the cooking oil is at its highest quality. It is therefore crucial that all employees in production are supported to optimum effect in their work.

Quality Control

SOP Foods strives for quality excellence with 360° quality control. This makes to ensure optimal taste, aroma, stability, appearance and nutritional value of the cooking oils while maximizing product quality, safety and yield. This is a critical contributor to our reputation for superior product performance.

Research & Development

Our Research & Development (R&D) are fully committed to a future of delivering new innovations and controls, whether analytical, technical or operational, that will serve even greater success for our consumers’ brands.

Sales & Marketing Team

Our sales and marketing teams drives strategies to increase product awareness by observing the market, competitors, and industry trends They are responsible in communicating with the consumers and create better customer experiences for all our users.

Career Opportunity

SOPB Group offers various career opportunities in its whole business spectrum. Any interested applicants please click here:

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