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Sarawak Day Count & Win Instagram Campaign 2023

Terms and Conditions

  1. SOP Foods Sarawak Day Count & Win Contest Giveaway is organized by SOP FOODS SDN BHD. The Contest Period is from 1 July 2023 till 31 July 2023. All entries received outside of the Contest Period will be automatically disqualified.
  2. This contest is open to all Sarawak residents only. Employees of SARAWAK OIL PALMS BERHAD and its subsidiaries are not eligible to participate.
  3. To enter the Contest:
    Step 1: Instagram participants must like and follow SOP Foods’ Instagram page
    Step 2: Instagram participants must tag 3 friends and provide the correct answer in the comments section
    Step 3: Instagram participants must like and share the post with the hashtag #SOPCount&Win on their story
    Step 4: Participants must ensure their account is set to public
  4. Ten (10) lucky winners with the correct answer and fulfil all the criteria above will be selected by SOP Foods for the following prizes:
    Grand Prize Winner Philips HD4539 Rice Cooker x1 and 2kg Merris Lite Pure Vegetable Oil x1
    Special Prize 2kg Merris Lite Pure Vegetable Oil x9
  5. The winners will be selected based on a random draw from entries with correct answers.
  6. Participants may only win ONE (1) prize throughout the Contest Period. If a Participant wins two or more prizes of different values at the same time, then the Participant is only entitled to win the higher valued prize.
  7. All winners will be notified via Instagram Messenger or such other communication methods deemed fit to SOP FOODS SDN BHD. SOP FOODS SDN BHD will not be held liable in the event of non-receipt or delayed delivery of the postal notification to the winners.
  8. Eligible winners need to contact SOP FOODS SDN BHD via Instagram Messenger, within 2 days after the winner list is published on SOP Foods Instagram Page, and winners are required to provide their contact details to claim the prize.
  9. If a winner fails to contact SOP FOODS SDN BHD within the time frame, he/she will be automatically disqualified. The organizer, SOP FOODS SDN BHD will not be responsible if participants cannot be contacted for whatever reason. We reserve the right to offer the prize to the next eligible participant thereafter until a winner is found.
  10. All transportation, accommodation, personal costs and/or any other costs, fees and/or related expenses that are incurred to participate in the Contest and to redeem the prize is the sole responsibility of the winners.
  11. All prizes are non-transferable, non-refundable, or exchangeable in any other form for any reason. No cash alternative to the prizes will be offered. Prizes are subject to availability, and we reserve the right to substitute any prize with another of equivalent value without giving notice if circumstances beyond SOP FOODS SDN BHD’s control make it necessary to do so.
  12. The results will be published on the 7th of August 2023 on SOP Foods Instagram page. SOP FOODS SDN BHD has the right to change the winner’s announcement date at its absolute discretion. All winners shall claim their prizes within the period determined by SOP FOODS SDN BHD upon the announcement of the winner list. Should the winner fail to claim the prize within the time allocated, SOP FOODS SDN BHD reserves the right to forfeit the prize or award the prize to another participant or winner.
  13. Campaign entries shall be selected on the basis of those criteria specified above and/or social media channels in relation to the campaign.
  14. If a participant does not meet the eligibility requirements or is subject to any entry restrictions, that participant shall not be entitled to be adjudged a winner and will not be entitled to a prize in any circumstances.
  15. In the event of disqualification after the prize has been awarded, SOP FOODS SDN BHD reserves the right to demand the return of the prize or payment of its equivalent value from the disqualified participant.
  16. All prizes are awarded by SOP FOODS SDN BHD and/or its sponsors on an “as is” basis and are accepted by the winners without warranty or guarantee of any kind, whether express or implied.
  17. Winners must abide by the terms and conditions of the sponsors or third parties arranging and/or providing for all the prizes and the terms and conditions attached to all the prizes, if any.
  18. The decision of SOP FOODS SDN BHD in all matters relating to this Contest shall be final and binding. No correspondence, queries or appeals in respect of any decision of SOP FOODS SDN BHD will be entertained.
  19. SOP FOODS SDN BHD reserves the right to reject any entries which are incomplete, illegible, disfigured, submitted beyond the deadline or without the proper proof of purchase or such other reason as SOP FOODS SDN BHD deems fit.
  20. Winners and/or their heirs shall assume full liability and responsibility in case of any liability, mishap, injury, damage, claim or accidents resulting from their participation in the Contest, redemption and/or utilization of the prizes and agree to release and hold SOP FOODS SDN BHD and its sponsor free and harmless of any liability.
  21. Pictures of prizes shown are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual item. The price shown is correct at the time of printing but may be subject to change.
  22. SOP FOODS SDN BHD reserves the right to omit, add or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notice. Any new or amended Terms and Conditions will supersede the existing Terms and Conditions with immediate effect.
  23. By participating in this Contest, the Participant agrees to be bound by the Contest Terms and Conditions, the decisions of SOP FOODS SDN BHD, and all terms and conditions imposed governing the use of the Prizes.
  24. The invalidity, illegality or unenforceability of any terms hereunder shall not affect or impair the continuation in force of the remainder of the Terms and Conditions of this Contest.
  25. The Contest Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.


In compliance with the laws of Malaysia, the Participants hereby consent and authorize the SOP FOODS SDN BHD to collect, process, to safe keep the required details and to disclose the Participant(s) personal details to the related parties involved in organizing this “SOP Foods Sarawak Day Count & Win” Contest Giveaway. Any withdrawal of the Participant(s)’ consent given shall be made in writing and received by SOP FOODS SDN BHD before the expiry of the Contest Period and in such event, the Participant(s) shall be deemed to have withdrawn from this Contest.

Selaras dengan undang-undang Malaysia, para peserta peraduan kini bersetuju dan membenarkan SOP FOODS SDN BHD untuk mengumpul, memproses, menyimpan maklumat-maklumat yang diperlukan dan mengemukakan maklumat peribadi peserta peraduan kepada pihak-pihak lain yang turut terlibat dalam penganjuran peraduan bertermakan “SOP Foods Sarawak Day Count & Win” Contest Giveaway ini. Sebarang penarikan balik persetujuan yang diberikan, peserta peraduan hendaklah menulis kepada SOP FOODS SDN BHD sebelum penamatan Tempoh Peraduan ini dan dalam keadaan yang sedemikian, peserta peraduan adalah dianggap telah menarik diri daripada menyertai Peraduan ini.