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Move over artificial ingredients and unnatural colors. More American consumers are now demanding wholesome foods with nutritious, natural ingredients. This trend is encouraging food and beverage companies to modify the ingredients of many packaged foods. One of the better-for-you ingredients which clean-eating families may spot on updated food labels is Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil. This healthy fat, a worldwide favorite for decades, is non-GMO, naturally trans fat-free and loaded with skin- and heart-healthy nutrients.

Malaysian palm oil is always non-GMO.

While the number of GMO-free choices is increasing, finding healthy foods for your family that don’t contain genetically engineered (GE) ingredients can still be a challenge. A USDA report states that, “adoption of these varieties by U.S. farmers is widespread and U.S. consumers eat many products derived from GE crops – including cornmeal, oils and sugars – largely unaware that these products were derived from GE crops.” According to USDA data, more than 90 percent of America’s soybean and corn crops are genetically modified. Soy, an inexpensive source of protein and oil, is estimated to be in 60 percent of processed foods, perhaps accounting for 10 percent of our daily calories. Palm oil, however, is always non-GMO.

Malaysian sustainable palm oil is naturally trans fat-free.

Many consumers are also trying to avoid partially hydrogenated oils – our primary source of trans fats. In response, food manufacturers are replacing their recipe’s partially hydrogenated oil with naturally trans fat-free Malaysian sustainable palm oil. Because of its balanced fatty acid composition, palm oil possesses many of the same desirable benefits of trans fats, such as long shelf life and creamy consistency, but without the cardiovascular risks. In fact, Malaysian sustainable palm oil is rich with nutrients not normally found in cooking oils. This healthy fat is nature’s richest source of vitamin E tocotrienols. This powerful antioxidant supports brain and skin health.