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Deep-fried foods play a role in many traditional cuisines & snacks. As Malaysian, we are no strangers to a lot of local snacks such as fried crispy chicken, “you char kway” (fried dough sticks), cucur pisang (banana fritters), curry puffs and samosa.

But how to choose the right oil to perfect the delicious goodies?

With wide variety of frying oils available in the market, we need to consider if different oils will affect the taste of foods cooked. Do they react differently to the higher temperatures needed for frying?

As food and beverage industry requires long hours of frying in high temperature and the volume of food preparation is much more than households, choosing the appropriate oil is important.

In view of this, SOP Foods Sdn Bhd (SOP Foods) has specially crafted the high-quality premium frying oil – Master Fritura for this purpose.

Master Fritura Frying oil is specially formulated to serve the food industries, fast-food chains and hotels, ensuring the fried foods stay crispy for longer.

It is the latest product by SOP Foods launched in October this year. It is derived from the finest quality special segregated fresh palm oil extracted from chosen Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO)-certified estates and mills, and processed at state-of-the-art refinery before going into each jerrycan of Master Fritura.

In-house and industrial trials results show that Master Fritura has good frying stability and can withstand high temperatures and prolong the frying hours.

The frying oil can be used for longer period, thus suitable for restaurants which require long and continuous frying operations. Furthermore, Master Fritura is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants plus containing no cholesterol.

Master Fritura frying oil is packed in 18kg-jerrycans. It is also worth mentioning that these jerrycans are produced in-house at SOP Foods’ factory located in Bintulu.

It is believed that SOP Foods are the one of the few companies which have the capacity to produce food-grade jerrycans in East Malaysia.

SOP Foods is primarily involved in the marketing of downstream palm related products and these include edible oils, palm-based frying and baking ingredients.

Their renown brands, which can be found in state-wide supermarkets and grocery stores, include Merris Cooking Oil, Merris Red Palm Oil and Saraco Cooking Oil. SOP Foods’ products are also exported to many countries in Asia Pacific regions, South Asia and Africa.

For more information on SOP Foods and its products, visit or call 085-420869.

(Taken from Borneo Post)