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Guo Tie


1.Dumpling Skin500g of meat
1 Chinese cabbage
Salt and Pepper
100ml Merris Pure Vegetable Oil


  1. Run the meat through a meat grinder and chop the chinese cabbage to a texture that you like. If you like it cruchier, chop it up to small cubes and if not chop until very fine.
  2. Mix the meat and the cabbage into a mixing bowl and season with salt and pepper, add coriander for extra flavour. Add a bit of Merris pure vegetable oil to give the mixture a smoother texture.
  3. Hold the dumpling skin on the palm of your hand and scoop a spoonful onto the middle of the skin and pleat the sides.
  4. Steam the Dumpling for half and hour.
  5. Now pour some Merris pure vegetable oil onto a pan and fry the dumpling on the pan until bottom is golden brown to slightly dark brown. This is when you know it is the right texture.
  6. Serve with garnishing of your choice.